Play In Challenger 2023 : tournament of Lille jumps to 130 000 $ prize money!

Play In Challenger, ATP Challenger tournament managed by Tennis Club Lillois Lille Métropole, sees its prize money increasing by more than 60% to reach a record of 130 000 $ ! It now belongs to the very closed club of « ATP Challenger 100 », offering 100 ATP points to its winner. An XXL evolution for the greatest men’s tennis tournament in the North of Paris, which so confirms its status of unavoidable event! 

After Grégoire Barrère (in 2018 and 2019), Zizou Bergs (in 2021) and Quentin Halys (winner this year), who will write his name to the record of the greatest tennis event in Hauts de France ? Players expected should be even more attractive than past years, with the exciting perspective, for the winner, to collect many ATP points…as also money!

« We are delighted about this evolution», explains Antoine Sueur, President of Management Committee of the tournament. « Since the beginning of the adventure in 2018, our ambition is to attract the best players as possible and to make Play In Challenger an unavoidable sports event. Our work and efforts are paying off! »

With a calendar slighly modified compared to previous years (2023 edition will be held from 27 March to 2 April, or one week after the one of past editions), Play In Challenger could even take profit from the coming of some players early ousted in the Masters 1000 of Miami. Small yellow balls lovers should be excited…

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