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When Grégoire Barrère and Dustin Brown entered on the central court of Play In around 6.15 pm this Wednesday, we must confess our heart was split. On one side, the double winner of the tournament, and highly appreciated by all the staff. On the other side, the Jamaïcan-German and his unique unconventional style which breaks all the tennis rules, who anyone can see in the club-house sitting on the tables with his girlfriend. Discreet, polite and respectful, the German does not make any wave – contrary to his game on the court – and only gives the feeling to enjoy the moment, in peaceful. We all knew one of the two would be defeated, and as at the end of the storty, Grégoire Barrère always win, we will have soon to say goodbye to Dustin Brown. Soon, but not yet, since the German is still listed in doubles, and will surely be once again in the club house of TCLLM this Thursday, to enjoy a nice coffee. As at home or nearly.

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