Change of date for Play In Challenger !

It is now  official : Play In Challenger, ATP Challenger tennis tournament (130 000 $ + H), managed by Tennis Club Lillois Lille Métropole, has another schedule in the ATP calendar. Save the date : its next edition will be held from 26th February to 3rd March 2024.

Following an update of the ATP calendar tournaments for the season 2024, the next edition of Play In Challenger will happen from 26th February to 3rd March.

Lille tournament, which was held so far at the end of March, will now start one month earlier, which delights its President, Antoine Sueur : « This new calendar positions Play In Challenger at the end of the European Tour of indoor tournaments, following Montpellier, Marseille, Rotterdam and Pau, just before the outdoor US Tour. We can so expect the coming of best French players, and also very competitive foreign ones. When ATP suggested us to take over this week, we did not hesitate a long time before accepted it! ».

Among the 10 most significant indoor tennis tournaments in France

For the time being, Play In Challenger remains in the category « ATP Challenger 100 », so providing 100 ATP points to its winner, and its prize money is stable, at 130 000 $, which makes this event one of the 10 most significant indoor tournaments in France, and of course, the most significant one in the north of Paris.

That will delight tennis fans, who will so have to wait one month less, before experiencing again another edition of Play In Challenger, to see and cheer up  their favorite players in the irrepressible atmosphere of Marcel Bernard stadium !

Play In Challenger, from 26th February to 3rd March 2024 in Complexe tennistique Marcel Bernard, rue du Mal Assis, in Lille.

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