This Wednesday 13 November, the Play In Challenger and the LOSC Association signed a partnership agreement, endorsing discussions started some weeks ago, in order to promote their respective actions. Or when football and tennis join their strengths to put forward sport in Lille area!

It was in the air ! Remember, as part of the last final of the Play In Challenger, Justine Bauduin and Hannah Diaz, two players of the LOSC women’s team, had remitted the trophy to Grégoire Barrère, who had just won for the second time in 2 years the tournament managed by the Tennis Club Lillois Lille Métropole.

The LOSC Association has thus officially chosen to lean to the Lille tournament to promote his structure, et reinforce the visibility of his women’s first team, which plays today in second league. A good transaction for the Club from the North of France, as stated by his President Patrick Robert : «It is a very first for two major clubs from Lille, which opens interesting prospect for our women’s team. LOSC celebrates this year its 75th birthday and the Tennis Club Lillois will celebrate next year its 100th. Lights are green to continue growing up!»

On Tennis Club Lillois side, Antoine Sueur, its President, also President of the Management Committee of the Play In Challenger, was also delighted about this alliance : « This partnership sounds as the beginning of a collaboration between two of the biggest sport clubs in Lille area, and will enable us to put together our means and networks to make our projects know et develop them, with, on the one hand, the Play In Challenger, the most important tennis tournament in North of Paris, managed by the Tennis Club Lillois Lille Métropole, and, on the other hand, the LOSC women’s team, which has the ambition to recover the first league as soon as possible. »

Many synergies are to put in place between both clubs to increase their public notoriety and support their sports policy.

Let’s remind that the Play In Challenger will happen next year from 23 to 29 March 2020. The tournament, an ATP Challenger 80 event, aspires to be upgraded to an ATP Challenger 90 event (90 ATP points distributed to the winner), with a 50% prize money increase, at 81 240 $ + H.