The ISEFAC School becomes partner of next edition of the Play In Challenger, which will be held from 23 to 29 March 2020. A strong partnership, which provides a huge surprise for the 100th birthday party on Thursday 26th March !

The ISEFAC School has therefore decided to be associated with the Challenger tournament managed by the Tennis Club Lillois Lille Métropole.

For a first partnership concluded between the Play In Challenger and the Management and Communication School located at 6 boulevard Papin in Lille, this latter developed big means to draw attention! The highlighted point of this partnership will occur on Thursday 26th March, which will see the Tennis Club Lillois Lille Métropole celebrate its 100th birthday as part of a “centenary party”, which will without no doubt be unforgettable! Thanks to the involvement of the ISEFAC School, supported in an efficient way by Julien Chapoy, from JCS Conseil, we will indeed have the honor to welcome, as part of this party, one of the most talented French sportsman of all times. Two times Olympic Champion, 5 times World Champion, he has been elected best player of all times at his position. With 59 trophies conquered, he is the most titled French sportsman, all collective sports combined. Have you guess his name? Come one, if not, be just a little more patient, and we will disclose his identity in short time!

Let’s also add that this partnership would never have seen the day without the support from Johanna Rémy, from Full Sport Business, who conduted the negociations with the ISEFAC School.

Management of the Play In Challenger, who have strong ambitions for their tournament, are delighted about this partnership, which will enable them to cross a significant additional step!