Nice days are coming soon, and you are eager to suddenly hit the ball? Problem: you did not pay any contribution to a tennis club nor license fees, and therefore you can not profit from numerous tennis facilities around you. Likely, Anybuddy is here, and enables you in 3 clicks to book a tennis court on partners’ clubs (of which Tennis Club Lillois Lille Métropole !), with paying only the hourly rental price!

Founded by 3 young people from Lille in January 2018, this start-up incubated in Euratechnologies, currently meets 3,5 millions tennis players’ expectations, who do not belong to a tennis club and do not have any license, but contribute to make this sport the second most popular in France.

With more than 7 000 users, and booming since created, (after Lille Métropole, the start-up is acting in Paris area since July 2018), Anybuddy became the reference application for occasional tennis players, who are willing to book a tennis court when they want, and above all where they want. Consumer habits evolve, tennis is not an exception, and this sport must be able to adapt and meet tennis players expectations. After « pay per view » on TV, here is the « pay per play » in tennis, where people pay only what they consume.

Partner of Play In Challenger, Anybuddy will make a presentation of its application in the symposium space during the afterwork of Friday, 22 March 2019, especially to Presidents from Hauts de France Region tennis clubs. A unique opportunity to better understand the way and the motivations of the 3 founders, and to join the (numerous) Anybuddy community!

Anybuddy application is free and booking a tennis court costs between 12€ and 20€, given the different schedules.