Do you know Blind Tennis ? Visually impaired people are 3,9 millions in France, and 80 000 of them are playing tennis. Surprising? Not that much…


Born in Japan in the 1990’s, and currently booming abroad, Blind Tennis is finding hard to develop in France. But a man is committed to make this discipline more attractive, his name: Joël Carton, President of French Association of Blind Tennis, founded in 2016. This man, passionate and colorful, former federal trainer, is leading a real fight to make the promotion of this discipline, and to enable visually impaired people to play tennis in clubs, as everyone.


He therefore makes as many appearances as he can on different tournaments in France: Open Sud de France (Montpellier), Petits As in Tarbes, and in several challenger tournaments: Internationaux de Tennis de Vendée, Rennes… The schedule: presentation of this discipline, its specificities…but also and before all a « live » show with a visually impaired player, Ophélie Mauriès. And the result is amazing! She plays “normally”, hits the ball, and makes rallies with her opponent…


Joël and Ophélie ? You may have seen them in the 8.00 pm TV journal of TF1, on October 20th, 2018, when a report was performed which highlighted Blind Tennis and the willingness of Joël to bring it to the gratitude level it deserves.


Joël’s efforts start to pay off, Blind Tennis being recognized as an official sport in France in January 2017. And with Gilles Simon and Alizé Cornet as godfather and godmother of the association, he has good relays to make the highlight on its association!


Play In Challenger will have the chance to see Joël and Ophélie, to make you experience an unbelievable moment during a Blind Tennis live show on the center court, next Sunday 24 March! Lets’ book it right now this event to confirm that with Tennis Club Lillois Lille Métropole, « tennis for all » is not only a slogan, but a reality!

You can also support Blind Tennis Association directly on its website.


Donation give rise to 66% credit tax (for French residents)


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